Everyone who comes into contact with children has a duty of care to safeguard them. School staff are particularly important as they are in a position to identify concerns early and provide help to children and families who need it the most. All the adults working at Rolls Crescent school are aware of their responsibilities and take appropriate action should situations arise which cause them concern. There are systems in place to support safeguarding, this includes designated safeguarding staff, a code of conduct, staff training and policies related to behaviour, safety, positive handling and child protection. We also teach our children how to recognise risks in different situations and how to protect themselves and stay safe. Learning about safety is an important part of our curriculum in school.  

What we do  if a child discloses that s/he is being harmed or we are concerned about a child's safety:

We listen to the child, without making judgments or assumptions.

We do not ask children leading questions; it is not our responsibility to investigate incidences.

We make a record of the child’s name, the concern, what s/he said in their own words, the date, time and any other relevant information.

The designated safeguarding staff will then take any further appropriate action, including sharing information with Children's Services if there is a risk to the child's safety. 

All safeguarding information is treated confidentially and any information we do share is proportionate to the need and level of risk. Sharing information in this way allows us to do our job effectively and to make sound decisions about the protection of children. 

What should you do if you are worried about a child or something you have seen or heard in school?

Contact school and ask for an appointment with a designated safeguarding teacher, this could be:

Mrs Jane Traore— Designated Safeguarding Lead DSL

You can also speak to The Heads of School, Mr Reynolds or Mrs Turner. Alternatively, our parent support worker Kia McKenzie is also available to talk with.

They will listen to and record your concerns.

Please be aware that they have a duty of care to share information with Children's Services if a child is at risk of harm.  

What should you do if you are concerned about a member of staff in school?

You should report any concerns to the heads of School.  If the concern is in relation to the Head/s of school, then you must report your concerns to the Safeguarding Lead (Jane Traore) or Chair of Governors (Linda Guest).  A written record of your concerns will be made and you will be informed of any actions as a result. 

Everyone at Rolls Crescent has a role to play in ensuring that our school community and our children are safe. The staff, our parents and our children should all promote the importance of child safety. Ask for help at the earliest opportunity if you have a concern or are worried about your own or any children in our community. For information related to parenting support search under Inclusion tab on the website or ask for an appointment in school with our Parent Support Advisor, Kia McKenzie

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