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Anti-bullying Week 2017

This week  is anti-bullying week, during the week we would like everyone in the school (staff included!) to perform at least one ‘random act of kindness’. 

This could be as simple as a pupil surprising a teacher by helping to carry books, holding a door open etc or a pupil composing a letter to a friend saying thanks for being a good friend or asking others if they would like to play/join in their game. 

In school this week we will be doing:

•P4C what makes a good friend
•Understanding what bullying is an what the bully, victim and the bystander is.
•Design friendship poems
•Art work to do with friendship (All different, all equal)
•Friendship bracelets
•Designing good citizenship certificates
•Design your own anti bullying super hero
•Work on our values and how they link in to friendship and learning.
•Cyber bullying  - how to avoid this from happening in 2017


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Article Posted: November 14, 2017


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