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Homework Help

Resources to help children with maths at home

• Talk to them about maths they are learning & numbers, shapes around us.

• Encourage children to use maths to help with practical activities like cooking, shopping/spending money, telling the time, etc.

• Positive ‘GROWTH’ mind set: ‘can do’ attitude which focusses on effort, not answers!

• Practice their number bonds (pairs of numbers which make 10 / 100 / 1,000 etc).

• Practice doubling and halving numbers.

• Practice their times tables (‘low stakes quizzes’).

• Relate known multiplication facts to unknown ones (see reverse).

• Look at the CLIC Calculation Policy & some of the suggested Apps and websites.

• Ask their maths teacher for some individual targets.

CLIC Calculation Policy (Download on the right)– this contains the school’s approach to teaching number and calculations so you can share the same approach, starting with the basics of counting to the more ‘tricky’ methods, such as long multiplication and division!


King of Maths Junior (recall of number bonds, times tables, 2D & 3D shapes, etc)

Doodle Maths (covers KS2 curriculum, tailored to your child’s strengths & weaknesses)

What time is it Mr Wolf? (telling the time)

Websites word problems (the bar model) recall of number bonds, times tables, doubles/halves, etc revision activities and games for all areas of maths video tutorials for different calculation methods video clips of the Maths No Problem approach


Other useful Math/English links for pupils, parents and carers.



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