Fascinating Space Trip

At the end of last term we went on a school trip to Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre in Cheshire. We were studying the Ancient Greeks and our related science topic was Space (and as the Ancient Greeks made many scientific discoveries in this area we ar-ranged this trip.) The children all enjoyed the day and took part in two workshops; the first was in the Planetarium and they showed us, the stars, planets and pointed out the constellations including the ones that the Greeks found. The second part was a workshop with hands-on experiments which the children really en-joyed. The day was lovely and we also got time to spend in the outdoor area looking at the Lovell radio telescope, the whispering dishes and other 'experiments' concerning the planets in the Solar Sys-tem. The children were also fascinated by the photos, pictures and the working model of the Solar System in the discovery centre. A great time was had by all. 

Article Posted: January 28, 2015


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