Year 3 go to MOSI

by Mr Collinson

Year 3 had a wonderful time last week when we went to visit the Museum of Science and industry.

We were all very excited as we set off out the school gates and made our made towards Hulme Park. When we reached Hulme Park, we eagerly looked at the fantastic timeline and learnt a bit more about our local area. We trekked over the bridge and into the city, taking in the view as we went. We eventually arrived at our destination and were keen to explore.

We had a great time viewing and learning about many different automotive machinery. We even saw the Rolls Royce car that Henry Royce drove when he went to work. It is now worth 3 million pounds. After lunch we spent some time in the Experiment Zone (This was a crowd favourite). There was so much to do and see, including: an endless well, a sound machine, computer generated people, an earthquake maker and much more. When we finished here we got to participate in the electricity exhibition. Some of our classmates even got to power the machines.

We soon set off back to school but not before we learned how a locomotive train operates and we even saw it in action.

It was a jam packed day that was thoroughly enjoyed by all.