Reception blog

15 Jan

What do you know about dinosaurs?

by Miss Ivy

In Reception, our new big question is ‘What do you know about dinosaurs?'  We have been finding out all about dinosaurs by reading the book ‘Top Dinosaurs' and by looking at information books and videos on the computer in ICT.  We have been looking at different dinosaurs in our classroom and thinking of ways we can describe them. We have been trying to find dinosaur bones by using different tools.  We have even been on a dinosaur hunt in the outside classroom and have done some fantastic writing about different dinosaurs.  What a busy week we have had!  Here are some photos of us exploring dinosaurs.

23 Nov

Kipper's Birthday

by Mr Collinson

As we are reading the story ‘Kipper's birthday', we have been counting candles onto play dough cakes. We are finding one more!


R1 children are dancing in pairs, in preparation for Kipper's Birthday.

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