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14 Jan

The Brush Bus!

by Miss Prinsep

The children in nursery are learning all about how we look after our bodies! Today we used our new tooth brushes to brush our teeth after lunch. We will be doing this every day as part of our daily routine. Soon children will have a toothbrush and some tooth paste to take home too! 

30 Nov

Nursery go on a Bear Hunt

by Miss Fernley

Nursery went on a bear hunt today and found a real live bear! We went through the swishy swashy grass, the splashy river, the squelchy mud, stumble tripped through the forest and went through a swirly whirly snowstorm! We then tip toed through the cave and saw the bear!! He was sleeping but he soon woke up with all our noise so we quickly ran back inside, shut the door and decided we didn't want to go on a bear hunt again!


09 Nov

Nursery Make Pumpkin Soup

by Miss Fernley

Last week in Nursery we read the story "Pumpkin Soup" by Helen Cooper. The children were so interested in the different pumpkins in our investigation area that one child asked if we could make pumpkin soup so that's exactly what we have done this week. The children helped chop the onion, garlic, pumpkin and pepper and watched an adult fry the ingredients, add the vegetable stock and blend it. Most of the children tried the soup and some of them thought it was "scrumptious", "tasty" and said "it tastes like pumpkin soup". This activity was great for the children's speaking and chopping skills. It also helped some children learn new vocabulary like onion, garlic, pepper, pan, spoon, mix it, blend it, cook it. If you want the recipe please ask! 



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