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11 Jan


by Mr Collinson

This half terms school value is resilience. Can you find out how these people showed resilience in the face of adversity? Can you think of somebody else who has shown resilience? Write a blog post about them or one of the above people. You may be chosen as blogger of the week and win a prize! Good luck!

05 Nov

How Can We Be Responsible?

by Mr Collinson

How are you responsible? Can you think of a time or activity where you have shown responsibility? Can you think of people in our community who show resposibility? Are there any famous people you can think of who have shown resposibility?


Remember to be responsible we must:


  • take care of ourselves and others;
  • take ownership;
  • do our duties or jobs;
  • take care of our things and other people;
  • keep our promises;
  • help to take care of our homes, schools, communities and even the world.
Post a comment below about yourself or someone you think has shown resposibility.
Click on Pharrell Williams image to find out about a famous person I think is showing resposibility by helping to clean up our oceans and seas from plastic.


10 Sep

Roald Dahl Day

by Mr Collinson

Thursday 13th of September is Roald Dahl day. To celebrate we would like you to write a blog post about when Roald Dahl or one of his characters showed a growth mindset or showed one of our school values. Think about what Mrs Elkington talked about in her assembly and how Roald Dahl showed responsibility. We look forward to reading your responses.

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