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14 Jun

KS2 | Rights of a child - Article 39

by Awab and Anna

Article 39 - You have the right to help if you've been hurt neglected or badly treated. 

Who can you ask for help in school and out of school? Explain why!                                                                     

Remember if you need help in school, you can always ask an adult.

06 Jun

Reception | Science Day

by Miss Ivy

On Friday 24th May, it was Science Day at Rolls Crescent.  Reception had a fantastic day experimenting!  We explored how to make different shaped bubbles and shadow puppets and we explored magnetic materials and ways in which we could melt ice.  We made telephones and explored how sound travelled down the string.  We made an explosion using mentos and cola.  We even met a baby T-Rex called Jack and his big sister Sophie! 

26 May

Nursery | Science Day Excitement in Nursery

by EYFS Nursery

Nursery had lots of fun on Science Day. There were lots of things to investigate like bubble printing, bubble blowing, cars and ramps, colour mixing in gloop, experimenting with water and sound, sorting materials and finding out what happens with skittles and water. In the afternoon two dinosaurs came to visit, a naughty baby T-rex and then his BIGGER sister! Science day helped finish our Big Question, "what changes happen in our world?", very nicely as we concluded there are lots of changes in our world! 


24 May

Year 2 | How can you be a superhuman?

by Mrs Armstrong

Year 2 have been learning all about Superhumans this half term.  In our Science lessons we have talked about exercise, healthy eating and how our bodies grow.  

We did some brilliant exercises in the playground.  Look at us go! 

24 May

Computing | Year 6 Games

by Mr Collinson



Year 6 have been using the online coding platform Glitch to create their own games. They used a basic platform game template then remixed it, adding their own elements. They edited the JavaScript to change how the game looked and changed how the main character moved around the screen. They also redesigned levels, changed sounds and added extra enemies. Have a play of some of their games. Be warned though, they are very hard!