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09 Oct

Year 2 | Magic Maths!

by Mr Collinson

Year 2 are doing Magic Maths! 

We are learning to rename 10 ones for 1 ten to help us with our addition or 2 digit numbers. 

We are looking forward to the parents and carers workshop on Monday 14th to share these methods with you.


03 Oct

Year 6 | WW2

by Mr Collinson

Year 6 have been learning about WW2 in history and recently enjoyed a trip to the Stockport Air raid shelters. 
They have created timelines, written diaries and also looked online at areas of Manchester that were bombed.
The children have watched original news footage and also used this website to find out about areas in our local area that were attacked.
Why don't you have a look -how was your street affected? 
Let us know what you find out!

03 Oct

Year 5 | William Morris

by Mr Collinson

This half term, Year 5 have been studying the Industrial Revolution in Britian. We have been reading our class novel, 'Street Child', aswell as studying the artist, William Morris. We have begun drafting our first designs inspired by William Morris. Here are a few examples of our first drafts which we will be applying water colours to and using media to create a wallpaper.

02 Oct

KS2 | Responsibility - What would you do?

by Mr Collinson

This half term or value is responsibility. 

It is important that you always think about what is the right thing to do in different situations.

If you make the right choices for yourself and others, you are showing that you are a responsible person.

If you choose to make a choice that isn't right for you or that causes someone else harm, then you are not being responsible.

Below is a story. Read the story and think. What would you do? How could you be responsible?

Post what you would do as a comment on the blog.

You are painting a picture in class and you knock over the water cup. The water splashes all over another child's painting and makes a mess.

What would you do?

26 Sep

Year 1 | Year 1's visit to Hulme Garden Centre

by Mr Hasan and Mrs Barlow

In Year 1 this half term we have being learning about plants. We went to the Garden Centre to find out more about plants. We went on a plant hunt trying to find nettles, apples, nasturtium and many more! We then got a chance to plant our own peas. Hope they grow big enough so we can eat them!