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24 Feb

Picture News | Will emojis ever be as important as words?

by Mr Collinson

British Values 24th February – 1 st March

Individual Liberty Emojis are one way for us to express ourselves digitally. There are lots of ways we can communicate, it's important to consider the best way to express ourselves in different situations. 

The new batch of emojis to be released in 2020 has been revealed. They include a range of different facial expressions and some of the more random additions include a log, a mirror and a green pepper.

One of the new emojis is called "pinched fingers" and depending on where you are in the world it could have a completely different meaning. Its official purpose, according to its creators, is to represent the way an Italian might ask "what do you want?". But it may have many different interpretations worldwide.

Do you know what emojis are?

Have you ever used them?

Do you think emojis are a good idea? Why?

If you could create your own emoji what would it look like and what would it be for?

11 Feb

Computing | Emmeline Pankhurst

by Mr Collinson

Year 5 have been learning all about Emmeline Pankhurst. They have been using the online program Powtoon to create presentations all about her life. Here are a couple for you to have a look at.

10 Feb

Year 3 | Malala

by Mr Collinson

“When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful.”

“One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world."

1. What do you think about Malala?

2. Would you have responded to the Taliban in the same way?

3. What is your view on women's rights?

4. Malala's quotes above, what do you think about them?

07 Feb

Year 6 | Biographies

by Mr Collinson

Recently, Year 6 have been writing biographies in English.  After developing many new skills (including how to use hyphens, colons, the passive voice and presentational features such as sub-headings), we planned and wrote our own biographies about fictional characters!  We were given the challenge of make our writing as believable as possible.  Mohammed even managed to trick Mr Reynolds into believing that his character, Tyler Stoneman, was real!  Take a look at his brilliant work...

Thursday 23rd January Can I independently write a biography?

Tyler Stoneman

Tyler Stoneman was born on 26th June 1912 in London, Britain during the summer months. He dedicated his life to making technology and to understand more about the underwater kingdom. And that's how he got to make the one and only: Robo-fish! Read more if you want to find out more about this amazing man.

Early life and education

As a young child, Tyler loved the water and he even invented a working robot the size of his arm! But unfortunately, one day him and his family went ice skating but it was his first time so he fell over and his arm got cut off by someone else's blade so he had to have a robotic arm. His family also went on holiday and he went in a submarine and that's when he was determined to explore more about the underwater world.

Education and early career

In 1942, Something was made by him that changed his and many others life: The Robo-fish! The Robo-fish was a robotic fish that had a camera so it can see a close up of fish nobody would dare to go to in person such as jellyfish, sharks and much more and if it gets spotted it will camouflage into the underwater plants. He went back to university after his great invention and managed to get a PhD!

Later career and life

Stoneman started to make movies, which became blockbuster hits within only days of making them, and got some angles that nobody else could record all thanks to his Robo-fish. he thought instead of getting one angle at a time he would just make loads of Robo-fishes and get lots of angles all at once! This gave him the title of “The father of the Robo-fish”. With this he made movies more frequently and gave morals to his movies like “our fish are dying, play your part by recycling” or “every minute a truckload of plastic goes into the oceans and ruin beautiful fish” and people actually started to listen by recycling more and helping the environment!

Death and hopes for the future

Tyler died at the age of 74 on the 15th of August 1986 (of a heart attack). Thousands attended his funeral in respect of his contributions to the underwater world and many people still use his inventions today! It was thanks to him that people can make underwater movies. Before he died he said this amazing quote: “There can never be enough technology in this world, I am just the beginning, you are the ones who will change this world”.

07 Feb

Year 5 | Year 5 relax and learn about suffrage.

by Mr Collinson

We visited the People's History Museum and this allowed us to gain further insight into the struggles of Emmeline Pankhurst and the Suffragette movement. It was very interesting to learn more about the establishment of trade unions, The Peterloo Massacre and see, first hand, posters and promotional material from the Suffragette movement. We can all agree that they have shaped the world we live in.

We were very fortunate to be invited by Manchester Academy to Whitworth Gallery for a wellness morning. We learnt ways to manage our emotions by controlling out breathing and regaining a calm state. Manchester United were on hand to take us through an exercise session and we had the chance explore some of the monuments on show.