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16 Jan

Year 1 | The Tempest

by Mr Hasan and Miss Ward

This half term Year 1 will be studying a new Shakespeare play for our English.


‘The Tempest' is set on a magical Island and features a wizard, a spirit and a monster.



Year 5 have studied this story already this year in their guiding reading.

Do you know anything about The Tempest? If you do could you leave us a comment?

15 Jan

Reception | What do you know about dinosaurs?

by Miss Ivy

In Reception, our new big question is ‘What do you know about dinosaurs?'  We have been finding out all about dinosaurs by reading the book ‘Top Dinosaurs' and by looking at information books and videos on the computer in ICT.  We have been looking at different dinosaurs in our classroom and thinking of ways we can describe them. We have been trying to find dinosaur bones by using different tools.  We have even been on a dinosaur hunt in the outside classroom and have done some fantastic writing about different dinosaurs.  What a busy week we have had!  Here are some photos of us exploring dinosaurs.

14 Jan

Nursery | The Brush Bus!

by Miss Prinsep

The children in nursery are learning all about how we look after our bodies! Today we used our new tooth brushes to brush our teeth after lunch. We will be doing this every day as part of our daily routine. Soon children will have a toothbrush and some tooth paste to take home too! 

11 Jan

KS2 | Resilience

by Mr Collinson

This half terms school value is resilience. Can you find out how these people showed resilience in the face of adversity? Can you think of somebody else who has shown resilience? Write a blog post about them or one of the above people. You may be chosen as blogger of the week and win a prize! Good luck!