Vision and Values


We are preparing today's children for tomorrow's world.  Our aim is for all our children, irrespective of background or special need, to be prepared for success in their future lives.  We will achieve this by nurturing and developing their achievement, their experiences and their skills.


We will strive to enable all children to achieve their full academic potential irrespective of their background or special need. There will be no ceiling on a child's ambition as we will develop the academic skills of our most able children and build a culture where being smart is cool.


We will provide all children with a wide range of enriching experiences.  All children will have the opportunity to learn a foreign language, play a musical instrument, participate in high quality sport, visit places of local and national interest and become proficient in the use of technology.


To enable our children to leave primary school with the skills to succeed in life, we will promote self-awareness and independence, and the ability to make good decisions and manage relationships.  We want our children to develop grit and determination. They will have every opportunity to become confident and articulate thinkers, self-motivated, compassionate and active.


In times of change values are even more important. We must provide public value and be accountable and responsive to our local communities. We are educating children in Manchester, a diverse city with a history of innovation. Our children will have to compete globally, in an ever changing world.

We need to be sure that we have a strong set of values to anchor our actions. These values guide us all – leaders, teachers, all staff and everyone working with the school – and drive home the strong ethos of the school.

Our values are

Trust - keeping our promises

Caring- listening to children, staff and parents

Respect - treating individuals with dignity

Fairness - treating people justly and equitably

Courage - taking accountability for results, being up front about mistakes and taking considered risks


Our goals explain what we will do to implement our vision.

We have devised these to help us achieve our aim to change children’s lives for the better. We don’t want a great long list of confusing goals. We think that by keeping it simple and focusing on what we do for the children, the staff and the world beyond the school, we will be in the best position to make the biggest difference.

GOAL 1 - We will ignite learning and develop good citizens
GOAL 2 - We will develop excellent teachers and grow great leaders
GOAL 3 - We will provide public value


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