If you would like to speak to one of our governors then please make an appointment at the School Office, or call 0161 209 9930 to make an appointment.  

Any correspondence for the Governors or Governing body can be left with a member of staff in the School Office.


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Rolls Crescent Governing Body 2023-2024

Chair of Governors (Appointed by school governing committee: 09-11-21, Term of Office end: 09-11-25)

Linda Guest

Deputy Chair of Governors and Co-opted Governor (Appointed by school governing committee: 01-09-17, Term of Office end: 30-09-21)

Raphael Thuret  

Co-opted Governor (Appointed by school governing committee: 25-11-20, Term of Office end: 25-11-24)

Robbie Young

Co-opted Governor (Appointed by school governing committee: 23-05-18, Term of Office end: 23-05-22)

Sam Jones

Staff Governor (Appointed by school staff: 25-11-22, Term of Office end: 25-11-25)

Sainab Bah 

Parent Governor (Appointed by parent body: 11-01-23, Term of Office end: 11-01-27)

Sara Anis 

Governance Support Officer (Clerk to Governors)

Rebecca Rafferty

Executive Headteacher

Jo Ashcroft

Head of School

Jeff Reynolds

Head of School 

Helen Turner



We are looking to recruit additional co-opted governors (volunteers) to the Rolls Crescent Local Governing Committee.  No previous school governor experience is necessary as training will be provided but a commitment to support and challenge school leaders in the best interests of all Rolls Crescent pupils is essential.  We would be particularly keen to hear from people who could help the Local Governing Committee monitor the school's performance in maths and the impact of the maths curriculum, but this is not essential.

The role requires attendance at four meetings a year (Thursdays 4-6pm) where there is an expectation that governors have read the reports associated with the agenda and will ask questions of school leaders.  You would be joining a great team of seven governors, some very experienced, some newly-appointed, but all committed to the success of Rolls Crescent.  You would also be joining a strong multi-academy trust and would benefit from learning and development opportunities.

If you are interested in learning more about the role, please contact Steph Rhodes at CLIC Trust:


Left in last 12 months 

Mike Jenkins - Staff Governor (appointed by staff body: 22-05-18, Term of Office end: 23-05-22, Resigned 31-08-21)
Nicky Connell - Co-opted Governor (appointed by school governing body: 07-12-19, Term of Office end: 07-12-2023, Resigned 31-08-21)
Oliver George - Co-opted Governor (appointed by school governing body: 17-01-19, Terms of Office end: 17-01-2023, Resigned 31-08-21)
Dayo Harland - Parent Governor (appointed by parent body: 12-07-17, Term of Office end: 12-07-21)
Hassan Hassan - Parent Governor (appointed by parent body: 27-03-17, Term of Office end: 27-03-21)
Hina Javed - Parent Governor (appointed by parent body: 02-11-21, Resigned 17-05-22)
Kay Roche - Co-opted Governor (appointed by school staff: 26-09-21, Resigned 11-01-23)
Toni Elkington - Parent Governor (appointed by parent body: 02-11-21, Resigned 21-10-22)
Stephen Johnston - Co-opeted Governor (appointed by school governing committee 26-09-19, Resigned 16-08-22)





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