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26 May

We stand together!

by Mr Collinson

Some of our Year 6 girls have been thinking about the tragedy that occurred in Manchester on Monday night. They decided to pay tribute to all the people that lost their lives or were injured by creating this mural today at dinner time.

27 Mar

Our trip to the Police Museum

by Shannon and Mustafa

On the 24th March, 6B went to the police museum to learn how the police had evolved in Manchester over the last 138 years. First, they went to the yard, where there was a place for dead bodies and a dogs' kennel. Next, they went through to the weapons room where real weapons were stored and also real evidence. We went to the transport room and saw all means of transportation. We learnt police in the past had less equipment but were more strict. It was a good learning experience.  The class loved it and agreed it was a great trip. Some wanted to go again  by Shannon and Mustafa 


17 Feb

World Book Day Competition

by Mr Collinson

We are running our annual competition for World Book Day! This year we would like you to take a photo of yourself reading a book with a family member or friend, you can take the photo anywhere (the more exciting place, the better) and you can be dressed up as a character if you like! You can upload your picture to the blog by using the add image function (ask a parent/carer or older sibling for help if you are stuck). Altenatively you can print your picture off and bring it into school. Remember to put your name on your blog post, or your picture if you are bringing it into school. A winner will be chosen from each class. Good Luck!

17 Nov

Football extraordinaire!

by Francis, Luca from 6B

ROLLS CRESCENT     11                              15.11.16

HEALDPLACE            3

On the 15th November, Rolls Crescent played a fantastic tactical team game of football against Healdplace.  Our team scored the opening the opening flick from Neo, in 6B. Next, unfortunately, Healdplace blasted the ball past our goalkeeper, Amro, from 6B. By the end of the first half, the score was 3-3.In the second half, our luck started..... As quick as a flash, five extraordinary goals were in the opposition's goal by one of the strikers, Francis. 8-3!!!! The supporters were really excited!It was an incredible Team effort by Rolls Crescent and they wouldn`t have done it all without the support of each other on the pitchThank you all for supporting our team, and we hope we are supported again in the same incredible way.  We will always remember the 15.11.16!!!

11 Oct

Black History Month 2016

by Mr Collinson

Black History Month

October is Black History Month. Use the space bellow to write about an inspirational person or someone you would like to celebrate. Who is the person? Why are they inspirational? Why should they be celebrated?

We look forward to reading your comments! 

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