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09 May

Nets of 3D shapes

by Class 5B

Today we were identifying the nets of different 3D shapes.  

We had nets of different shapes that had been split into 2 pieces, our challenge was to find the 2 pieces that matched to make a 3D shape.

There were 18 pieces of nets, making 9 shapes in total.

Some of us found it difficult to attach the nets together because it was tricky to hold them in place, it was also difficult because there were no flaps on the shapes so we had to use cellotape. However, it was made easier because we worked with a partner and there were lines to show where the folds went.   

Working as a team with our partners was very important, one of us could hold the pieces in place so the other one could stick the cellotape to make the shape.  The cube and cuboid were the easiest shapes to make, the pyramid and prisms were more difficult.

17 Feb

World Book Day Competition

by Mr Collinson

We are running our annual competition for World Book Day! This year we would like you to take a photo of yourself reading a book with a family member or friend, you can take the photo anywhere (the more exciting place, the better) and you can be dressed up as a character if you like! You can upload your picture to the blog by using the add image function (ask a parent/carer or older sibling for help if you are stuck). Altenatively you can print your picture off and bring it into school. Remember to put your name on your blog post, or your picture if you are bringing it into school. A winner will be chosen from each class. Good Luck!

13 Feb

Cooking with a Caribbean twist!

by Mrs Armstrong

In Design and Technology this half term we have been learning about food and nutrition. We have looked at the different food groups, and why we need to eat a variety of food types to stay healthy.

As part of our learning about Immigration to Great Britain since the 1950's we have looked at different foods and ingredients that have been introduced into Britain by the different groups of people that have come to live in England.  Today we made a Jamaican inspired sweet potato stew - we included onions, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, kidney beans and coconut milk.  Some people loved the taste of the stew whilst others weren't so keen!  Did you try the stew?  What did you think about it?

What are your favourite foods?  Do you know what food groups they fit into?

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