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17 Jul

Bird feeders

by Mrs Armstrong

Year 4 have been finding out what lives in our school grounds as part of our learning in Science.  We decided to make bird feeders to put in the playground to help the birds that live there.  We used a mixture of oats, black sunflower seeds, oats and dried fruit.  We used plastic bottles as we wanted to find a way to recycle and reuse plastic after all the current news reports about plastic in the oceans.   Why don't you see if you can spot any birds feeding on them? 

08 Jun


by Year 4

All the Year 4 classes got to visit Llandudno in North Wales this week.  Everyone had an amazing time and we were very fortunate to have great weather too! We visited the Great Orme and got to see some spectacular views of Llandudno and beyond.  The children enjoyed a play at the top of the Orme as well as having lunch with the tremendous views.   Standing on the pier was exciting, and a little bit scary for some!  The beach was fun too, some children had come very well prepared and had brought along buckets and spades which were brilliant for playing in the sand.  A brave few children had a little paddle in the bracing sea, it was quite cold!  We enjoyed an ice cream, although on Wednesday the seagulls decided that they would also enjoy our ice creams and the thieving scoundrels managed to snatch a few for themselves!  Luckily, no one was hurt, although we were rather shocked at the brazen daylight robbery!  

Everyone really enjoyed the trip and a big thanks goes to Mr Dunne, Miss Swinburne and Mrs Rand who attended all three trips!  Think they will all enjoy a well deserved rest this weekend! 

02 May

Anglo Saxon Brooches

by Year 4

Year 4 have been making their own Anglo Saxon brooches out of clay, first we looked at some designs and decided on some patterns that we liked.  Lots of Anglo Saxon jewellery had repeated patterns and symmetry in them and we incorporated these into our own designs.  Once they dry out we will paint them and add some more pictures.

What do you think about them so far?

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