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18 Apr


by Mrs Armstrong

Rania has made a brilliant presentation about Anglo Saxons for her homework, she emailed it to me from home.  If you have any homework that you would like to share on our blog then let me know! 

15 Apr

Anglo Saxons and Vikings

by Mrs Armstrong

This half term we will be learning all about the Anglo Saxons and the Vikings.  We will be reading a great novel called The Sleeping Army by Francesca Simon.  We will be making helmets and maybe some jewellry, and learning all about the way these people lived in Britain.

Click here to find out more.

Post any interesting facts you find out in the comments below.

12 Feb

What does kindness mean to you?

by Mrs Armstrong

This half term our school value is Kindness.  We have had assemblies and P4C sessions all about Kindness and in Y4 we discussed different ideas with our Kagan teams to say what we thought kindness was.

We talked about the idea of Kindness as a metaphor discussing ideas like If Kindness was an animal, what animal do you think it would be?  and If Kindness was a colour, what colour would it be and why? 

We made posters to show our ideas and posted them on Twitter.   

Comment below to tell us your ideas about kindness.

08 Nov

How do we keep our teeth healthy?

by Mrs Armstrong

In our Year 4 Science lessons we have been looking at how to keep our teeth healthy.  We have carried out an 'egg-citing' experiment to find out how different liquids could affect our teeth.  We placed 4 eggs in different liquids: cola, water, fresh orange juice and white vinegar and we observed them over a week.

The egg in orange juice looked terrrible after 5 days, parts of the shell had started to break away and fall off the egg.  

The egg in the cola had also changed, it was easy to scratch into the shell.

The egg in vinegar had totally lost it's hard shell, leaving it feeling quite rubbery and strange, not at all protected.

The egg in water had not changed at all, the shell was still nice and hard.

We decided that, in order to keep our teeth nice and healthy, we should limit the amount of sugary, fizzy drinks, drink more water, and not drink too much sugary fruit juice! 

It is also really important to keep our teeth clean - but that is for another blog! 

What do you do to keep your teeth healthy?  Comment below! 

08 Oct

Greek Visitor

by Mrs Armstrong

We had a fantastic day when we had a Greek visitor to school.  We had prepared for the visit by making our own swords and shields, we had also read some Greek myths and found out some facts about the Greek Gods and about Athens and Sparta.

What was your favourite part of the day?

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