Would you like to be a pharaoh?

by Mr Hannon

This half term, Year 3 are asking if they would like to be a pharaoh or not?
We have been discovering lots of information about Ancient Egypt and what life must have been like there. As part of a home project the children did their own reserach and presented to the class. It was a very informative session. We were dazzled with Powerpoint displays, posters, facts, pictures and even a model of a pyramid. 

We even took a trip to the Manchester Museum to look at the Ancient Egyptian display. We got the see real life canopic jars, hieroglyphics, sarcophagi, amulets and even an ancient mummy. 
As part of our trip, we were luckily asked to explore some more artefacts. We came close to being archaeologists when we got to touch various objects and give our opinion on what they were.  
Who knows, we might even have our own Howard Carter in Year 3!