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15 Jun

3Bee are buzzing for Buzzby

by Mr Hannon

3B are delighted to be chosen to represent the school for Bee In The City, that is happening across Manchester from July to September.
The class has had a great time discussing, drafting, evaluating, redrafting and finally paint the blank sculpture. 
After naming her Buzzby they got to work applying their own touches. You will different designs on the wings that represent each person. I am sure the class will be delighted to answer any questions you may have. More information can be found at

Check out the pictures below to see the journey from start to finish. 

23 Mar

Would you like to be a pharaoh?

by Mr Hannon

This half term, Year 3 are asking if they would like to be a pharaoh or not?
We have been discovering lots of information about Ancient Egypt and what life must have been like there. As part of a home project the children did their own reserach and presented to the class. It was a very informative session. We were dazzled with Powerpoint displays, posters, facts, pictures and even a model of a pyramid. 

We even took a trip to the Manchester Museum to look at the Ancient Egyptian display. We got the see real life canopic jars, hieroglyphics, sarcophagi, amulets and even an ancient mummy. 
As part of our trip, we were luckily asked to explore some more artefacts. We came close to being archaeologists when we got to touch various objects and give our opinion on what they were.  
Who knows, we might even have our own Howard Carter in Year 3!

24 Nov

3B Trip to MOSI

by Mr Hannon

As part of our topic this half-term, 'Is Manchester the best city in the world?', we took a trip to The Museum of Science and Industry. 
We left school and ventured through Hulme Park. En route we took in the various sights including the Hulme timeline, the Rolls Royce centenary memorial and Mancunian Way Footbridge. A resounding gasp was audible as the Beetham Tower came into view, with a number of students walking with craned necks for a period. 
At the museum, we explored the Air and Space Hall and the Power Hall before lunch. The large aircraft and powerful trains gained the most attention although there was interest in the lighter aircraft. After lunch, we tried to beat robots at dancing, finding watches and building towers. (The humans won) Before returning back to school we stimulated our senses at the 'Experiment' exhibition. 
An enjoyable time was had by all, even if there were a few sore legs. Hopefully, this trip has helped give us lots of information and experience of Manchester to help us answer our Big Question. What do you think?

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