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10 Jul

What has happened in Year 1???

by Mr Hasan

Class 1A went to play as usual last week. Mr Hasan was in the staffroom and Mrs Liddle was on duty. When we came back to the classroom, it was a mess! The book corner was a wreck and tables and chairs were everywhere. Luckily one of our class cameras picked up some footage. We couldn't believe what we discovered....


17 Feb

Animals Take Over

by Mr Hasan

Year 1 had some very special visitors in our class at the end of the last half term to celebrate our topic question of 'What Lives in Our World. We were visited by Animals Takeover! We got to see owls, snakes, lizards, hedgehogs and even a tarantula. The children thoroughly enjoyed the visit and everyone had a chance to hold the animals. Check out some of our pictures.

17 Feb

World Book Day Competition

by Mr Collinson

We are running our annual competition for World Book Day! This year we would like you to take a photo of yourself reading a book with a family member or friend, you can take the photo anywhere (the more exciting place, the better) and you can be dressed up as a character if you like! You can upload your picture to the blog by using the add image function (ask a parent/carer or older sibling for help if you are stuck). Altenativly you can print your picture off and bring it into school. Remember to put your name on your blog post, or your picture if you are bringing it into school. A winner will be chosen from each class. Good Luck!

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