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11 Oct

Harvest Festival

by Mr Hasan and Mrs Barlow

In Year 1 we composed and created our own sense poem related to the Harvest Festival. Every child created their own and here is an example of our classroom poem that we created together. Hope you enjoy it!





I can see yellow leaves falling off the trees.

I can smell sweet apples cooking in the oven.

 I can feel the cold all over my body.

 I can taste juicy pumpkins in my mouth.

 I can hear crunchy leaves underneath my feet.

11 Oct

What makes me unique?

by Mrs Armstrong

Year 1's big question is all about how we are all unique. In Design and Technology we designed and made a box to put special things inside.  Come and see us in Year 1 to see what kinds of things we think make us special.

What makes you special?

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