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04 Mar

Elfs Workshop

by Mrs Mullane

In Nursery we were really lucky to have a visit from some of the nurses from Manchester Children's Hospital.  They came in to work with the children to talk about keeping safe around the house - did you know that the kitchen is one of the most dangerous places at home for young children?  Can you think of anything that could harm you in the kitchen?

The nurses also worked with some of our parents learning how to resuscitate young children and babies.  We all had a great day of learning.

31 Jan

Who keeps us safe?

by Mrs Mullane and Mrs Anderson

This term in Nursery we have been very busy, our topic has been people who help us and our big question has been Who keeps us safe? We have had visits from the police, fire-fighters, dentist and the school nurse. The children now have a better understanding of our community and who they can go to if they ever need help. They have come up with some fantastic questions and can now tell you each vehicle they drive and the main parts of their jobs. We have also started play and stay sessions this term with Debbie from Martenscroft and the parents, every Thursday morning the parents and children come to join in activities and learn together. It has been very successful.  If you have a child in Nursery then please come and join us for our Stay and Play sessions each Thursday morning - look at all the fun you could be having! 

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