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17 Apr

Who is your favourite scientist?

by Mr Collinson

Who is your favourite scientist? What have they done? How have they helped shape the world we know today? Write a blog post about them, answering these questions. Here are some links to the scientist featured in the collage. You can use them as inspiration. Remember, Mr Collinson is always looking for blogger of the week! This week it could be you!









08 Oct

School Councillors

by Mrs Armstrong

The votes are in and have been counted and we have elected our new school councillors for this school year.  The candidates have been awarded their school councillor badges so you will be able to recognise them around school - also Mr Collinson will be updating the School Councillor boards downstairs to display photographs of the new councillors.

What would you change at Rolls Crescent if you could?  Tell us below - and don't forget to tell your class councillors too! 

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