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13 Jun

The Mediterranean

by Mr Collinson

Year 3 have been learning all about the Mediterranean. They used Comic Life on the Ipads to create brochures advertising why people may like to visit countries on the Mediterranean Sea. Which countries would you like to visit?

27 Apr

Year 6 Scratch Games

by Mr Collinson

Over the Spring term, Year 6 used the program Scratch to make their own games. They planned them, designed their own characters using Piskel and learnt about game mechanics. Here are some of the games they made. Well done Year 6! Have a play and comment about what you like about them.

28 Mar

The Ancient Kingdom of Benin

by Mr Collinson

This half term year 5 have been learning all about the Ancient kingdom of Benin. We have been using Scratch to create true or false quizzes. We used if/then/else statements and ask statements to interact with the quiz player. We also added sound effects and switched backdrops to make our quizzes more exciting. Below are a couple of examples. Have a play! Be careful though, you don't want to anger the Oba.

27 Mar

The Ancient Egyptians by Year 3

by Mr Collinson

This half term, year 3 have been learning all about Ancient Egypt. We made videos using the online presentation program Animoto. Some children added poems that they had written. Some added facts. Have a look at some examples below.


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