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10 Sep

KS2 | Roald Dahl Day

by Mr Collinson

Thursday 13th of September is Roald Dahl day. To celebrate we would like you to write a blog post about when Roald Dahl or one of his characters showed a growth mindset or showed one of our school values. Think about what Mrs Elkington talked about in her assembly and how Roald Dahl showed responsibility. We look forward to reading your responses.

04 Sep

Year 4 | How do you feel about reading?

by Mrs Armstrong

For our first Guided Reading session this year 4B reflected on their thoughts and feelings about reading.  For some it is a great pleasure, a time to relax, use their imagination and have some calming down time.  For others it makes them feel stressed, bored and feeling like they are missing out on other things that they find relaxing and fun.

What do you think about reading?  What are your favourite kinds of books?  If you aren't a reader then why not?  What is it that stops you enjoying reading a good book?  

Maybe you have just read an amazing book and want to share it on here, maybe you haven't found the right type of book for you yet.  I am really looking forward to reading your posts!  


04 Sep

Computing | How do you show respect when using the internet?

by Mr Collinson

Hello everyone, welcome back to our new school year. This half term our school value is respect, I would like you to write a response to this blog explaining how you show respect when using the internet. Think about all the things you have learnt in my lessons and use the internet to help you and find examples. I look forward to reading your response.