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12 Jul

Year 2 | Day at the Beach

by Mrs Barlow

Year 2 enjoyed a well deserved trip to the beach last week after all their hard work working on SATS. We travelled to St Anne's beach where we built sandcastles, paddled in pools, played football and ran up and down the dunes. It was a brilliant day and all the children were really well behaved.

The children are all ready  to move onto Year 3 and we have been thinking about all of the things we have learned this year and looked at the progress we have made in our writing, the children were amazed at how much more they can write now and how much their spellings have improved.

12 Jul

Year 4 | Bramhall Hall

by Mrs Armstrong

Year 4 had a very enjoyable day at Bramall Hall where we learned about Tudors food, entertainment, and punishments, and how Tudor buildings were made.  Bramhall Hall was owned by the Davenports in the past, the children really enjoyed dressing up as the Masters of the Hall and the servants.
What was your favourite part of the trip?

10 Jul

Year 1 | What has happened in Year 1???

by Mr Hasan

Class 1A went to play as usual last week. Mr Hasan was in the staffroom and Mrs Liddle was on duty. When we came back to the classroom, it was a mess! The book corner was a wreck and tables and chairs were everywhere. Luckily one of our class cameras picked up some footage. We couldn't believe what we discovered....


26 May

Year 6 | We stand together!

by Mr Collinson

Some of our Year 6 girls have been thinking about the tragedy that occurred in Manchester on Monday night. They decided to pay tribute to all the people that lost their lives or were injured by creating this mural today at dinner time.