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23 May

Year 1 | Cultural Day

by Mr Hasan and Mrs Barlow

Children and parents from Year 1 enjoyed taking part in different activities to celebrate our writing stories from other cultures. We had paper weaving, painting, savannah pictures and food from other cultures. 


02 May

Year 4 | Anglo Saxon Brooches

by Year 4

Year 4 have been making their own Anglo Saxon brooches out of clay, first we looked at some designs and decided on some patterns that we liked.  Lots of Anglo Saxon jewellery had repeated patterns and symmetry in them and we incorporated these into our own designs.  Once they dry out we will paint them and add some more pictures.

What do you think about them so far?

27 Apr

Computing | Year 6 Scratch Games

by Mr Collinson

Over the Spring term, Year 6 used the program Scratch to make their own games. They planned them, designed their own characters using Piskel and learnt about game mechanics. Here are some of the games they made. Well done Year 6! Have a play and comment about what you like about them.