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13 Nov

Year 4 | Local Parks and Green Spaces

by Mrs Armstrong

In Year 4 this half term we are looking at some of the Green spaces and parks that are local to us, so far we have visited Alexandra Park and we will also be visiting Whitworth Park and Longford Park.  Did you know that Longford Park has a disc golf course?  Check out the video below.

We want to try and think of ideas to improve some of our local green spaces, we are going to write to our local MP Lucy Powell and suggest some ways in which we think Alexandra Park could be improved.  What would you do to improve a park?  What kinds of things do you like to do in the park?  Share your ideas with us below! 

12 Nov

Computing | Anti Cyberbullying Day

by Mr Collinson

This Thursday is Anti cyberbullying day. To mark this, Mr Jenkins has set a competition to create a blog post, poster or advert on the theme of anti-bullying (Choose Respect) This could take the form of a story, article, poem, photograph or video. You can add everything but videos to this blog post by commenting below. If you make a video please come and see Mr Collinson at break or lunch. Good luck!

09 Nov

Nursery | Nursery Make Pumpkin Soup

by Miss Fernley

Last week in Nursery we read the story "Pumpkin Soup" by Helen Cooper. The children were so interested in the different pumpkins in our investigation area that one child asked if we could make pumpkin soup so that's exactly what we have done this week. The children helped chop the onion, garlic, pumpkin and pepper and watched an adult fry the ingredients, add the vegetable stock and blend it. Most of the children tried the soup and some of them thought it was "scrumptious", "tasty" and said "it tastes like pumpkin soup". This activity was great for the children's speaking and chopping skills. It also helped some children learn new vocabulary like onion, garlic, pepper, pan, spoon, mix it, blend it, cook it. If you want the recipe please ask!