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17 Jul

Year 4 | Bird feeders

by Mrs Armstrong

Year 4 have been finding out what lives in our school grounds as part of our learning in Science.  We decided to make bird feeders to put in the playground to help the birds that live there.  We used a mixture of oats, black sunflower seeds, oats and dried fruit.  We used plastic bottles as we wanted to find a way to recycle and reuse plastic after all the current news reports about plastic in the oceans.   Why don't you see if you can spot any birds feeding on them? 

11 Jul

Year 1 | Key Stage 1 World Cup

by Mr Hasan and Mrs Barlow

This half term Year 1 and 2 have taken part in their own version of The World Cup!

Is it coming home?

We've had 12 teams across the Key Stage playing games at break and lunchtimes. It's been a close competition so far with plenty of different goal scorers and there's been some major upsets.

The final will be taking place next week where 1 team from each year group will be crowned the World Cup Champions!



06 Jul

Year 2 | Formby Beach

by Mrs Wilkinson

Year 2 Trip to Formby Beach

For our Topic on 'Why do we love to be beside the seaside?' the children went on a trip to Formby Beach.

The chilldren had the opportunity to follow a trail through the wood to have their lunch. They then went on to the beach, where they played in the sand, built sandcastles, searched for seashells and jumped and swam in the water pool. The children had a great day and it was filled with laughter and happiness.

The children have shown a great enjoment of this topic and have completed lots of different activities, including story writing, role play, designing their own maps, science experiments and art. They now have a greater knowledge of what life is like by the seaside and who lives and works there.

28 Jun

Year 6 | 6A science

by Ms Warham


The year 6 children have been studying classification in science. At the end of the topic, we went outside to see what creatures we could find.

                                               We found several frogs. What other creatures do you think live in our school grounds?

27 Jun

Year 6 | Visitors in KS2 assembly

by Ms Warham


Last week, as part of Learning Disability Week, our assembly was taken by visitors from Venture Arts in Hulme.

Amber told us about the artisits who work there and about the projects children from Rolls Crescent have taken part in.

Did you know that some of our pupils have had work on display in the Lowry, Salford?